Sajjad Raza, Steven Fountain, and Sonya Snedecor join Episode 2 of's Cutting Edge Conversations series with a presentation on the challenge research manufacturers face when they need to maximize access for patients with payers. The many considerations for a biotechnology company during various phases of drug development and how companies could use efficient sourcing strategies for market access.

This interactive event showcased the innovations from three marketplace providers regarding “Biotech Market Access”. The event began with an introduction from and HealthEconomics.Com’s subject matter expert, Patti Peeples, RPh, PhD.

Sajjad Raza, Director, PRECISIONheor

Dr. Raza discussed how the shift to value-based healthcare has reshaped the commercialization landscape for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Evidence that demonstrates, to important stakeholders like payers and HTA bodies, that a therapy is both clinically and cost effective is critical for successful commercialization. To ensure robust evidence is available, the commercialization strategy must be considered early in the product development process in order to deliver evidence at launch that communicates product value. Moreover, to maximize access, companies must continue to provide stakeholders with credible scientific evidence of product value.

Dr. Steven Fountain, Client Partnership Director, PRMA Consulting

Steven presented several case studies where PRMA Consulting partnered with biotechnology companies on multiple workstreams to overcome the value, evidence, and access challenges. PRMA Consulting is the go-to consulting partner, using insight-based strategic consultancy and transformative digital applications to deliver smarter market access solutions. They were glad to share their experience of collaborating with numerous biotechnology companies, the common value, evidence, and access challenges they face, by using key case studies of how they have partnered with them to overcome these challenges.

Sonya Snedecor, Executive Director, HEOR, and E&A Global Digital Lead at OPEN Health Group

Sonya discussed how OPEN Health brings deep scientific knowledge, global understanding, and broad specialist expertise to support biotechnology and pharma clients in improving health outcomes and patient wellbeing. OPEN Health works with Medical Affairs, Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), Market Access, and Commercial teams across a wide range of therapy areas. In addition to methodologically robust studies demonstrating product value and deriving evidence, OPEN Health develops unique communication tools that resonate with payers, patients, providers and other stakeholders, using key features of narrative stories and data visualization to create your evidence story.



Dr. Raza is a Director at PRECISIONheor with expertise in a wide variety of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) projects including evidence strategy development, real-world database analysis, chart-reviews, and economic models.

Client Partnership Director
PRMA Consulting

Steven has more than 15 years’ experience in sales, marketing, and market access roles in both consultancy and industry and has worked directly with payers and providers to facilitate market access of pharmaceutical products.

Executive Director
OPEN Health Group

Sonya has been working in and leading in the areas of modeling and meta-analysis. Sonya has expertise in computer modeling and economic evaluations and has considerable experience in the area of systematic reviews and evidence synthesis.

Production Partner

OPEN Health

Uniquely equipped to deliver patient-centered, world-class solutions. The ethos of many experts coming together in order to create solutions with impact is what makes OPEN Health different from the rest. OPEN Health continues to flourish as a fluid team of over 875 skilled individuals in 16 offices across 6 countries.


PRECISIONheor is a team of accomplished experts who devise and execute innovative research strategies, leveraging decades of experience and proven methodologies to produce the most credible and relevant evidence essential to a favorable value assessment.

PRMA Consulting Ltd.

In 2006, David Sykes founded PRMA Consulting; his vision was to create an independent, specialist consultancy that would partner with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to bring faster patient access to therapies that improve health outcomes.

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