Hear several experts address systematic literature review issues that can negatively affect your Global Value Dossiers (GVDs) and how automation can improve your product's market access.

As payers demand more robust frameworks for assessing new products, an evidence-based research methodology for conducting literature reviews powered by automation software will set your company’s Global Value Dossier (GVD) apart and improve team productivity, accuracy, and transparency.

GVDs are critically important in presenting the product value story and achieving market access. Are you confident your GVD and associated systematic literature review (SLR) is thorough, accurate, and transparent? Can the GVD or SLR easily update with the latest research without requiring a large team and duplicative work? Can global and remote stakeholders gain the level of access they need to the reviewed literature? This webinar addresses systematic literature review issues that can quickly derail your GVD, slowing down your product’s market access. You’ll learn how literature review automation software can help you avoid redundant, error-prone work, utilize automation for faster and more accurate outputs, and create reproducible, centralized results.

Key Topics Include:

  • The importance of evidence-based research methodology for your Global Value Dossier
  • How to conduct a thorough and accurate literature review for your GVD
  • How to create a cohesive and consistent value story between the global and regional stakeholders to ensure an accessible and up-to-date literature review for your GVDs
  • Learn how to utilize automation for faster and smarter literature reviews for your GVDs
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Associate Director
Prime Access
Prime Global

Gillian Sibbring has dedicated the last 20 years of her HEOR and Market Access consultancy career to refining and streamlining the process of SLR and GVD development, to meet Pharma client objectives within realistic timeframes and budgets.

Senior Vice President
Prime Access
Prime Global

Sue O'Leary heads up the Evidence and Access team at Prime Global, supporting Pharma clients across the life cycle, to make sure that evidence is optimal not just for launch but beyond. Making sure global dossiers and value stories are underpinned by an understanding of local needs and relatable evidence is key to the development of an optimal GVD.

Senior Director
Adelphi Values PROVE

Ben Rousseau is a Senior Director at Adelphi Values PROVE™ where he heads up the Technology and Commercialization team. Ben has nearly 30 years of experience across multiple agencies and consultancies, with over half of this time spent in medical communications prior to making the move to Market Access and HEOR where he has a specific interest in innovative communication solutions.

President & Founder
The Peeples Collaborative

Patti is a health economist, pharmacist and industry leader with 35 years of experience in health care value, evidence and access.

Key Account Manager

As a key Account Manager at DistillerSR, Rachel Forrest prioritizes customer satisfaction through her almost 25-year background in dental practice leadership and project management, executive-level administration, software sales, and customer experience management.

Production Partner


DistillerSR is the market leader in AI-enabled literature review automation software. More than 300 of the world’s leading research organizations, including 60% of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies, contract research organizations, governments, NGOs, and academic institutions trust DistillerSR to securely produce transparent, audit-ready, and regulatory compliant literature reviews faster and more accurately than any other method. As a result, healthcare researchers can produce more informed and time-sensitive health policies, clinical practice guidelines, and regulatory submissions.

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