Join four panelists who will discuss the role of integrated evidence generation in healthcare, with a focus on its impact on patient outcomes and healthcare decision-making.

To influence patient outcomes, evidence must address unmet needs, align with the medical and commercial strategy, and provide value to healthcare providers (HCPs) and patients. Integrated evidence generation planning that encompasses real-world evidence (RWE), health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), and clinical studies is the best approach for gathering and synthesizing data to support clinical and payer decision-making. Cross-functional teams that span Market Access, HEOR, RWE, Commercial, and Medical Affairs blend broad perspectives to foster value-based integrated planning. Now that Medical Affairs contributes earlier in the integrated evidence generation planning process, patient and HCP evidence needs can be incorporated into studies earlier, ensuring more meaningful and actionable data generation. Through such cross-functional partnership, the hope is that integrated evidence generation planning can become more targeted, valuable, and efficient in generating data that will fulfill disease- and asset-driven unmet needs.

Key Topics Include:

  • To understand the importance of creating a compelling integrated evidence generation plan that addresses the needs of multiple stakeholders.
  • To brainstorm on the challenges created by evolving cross-functional teams owning the evidence generation plan.
  • To offer solutions to address those challenges and build evidence generation capabilities across teams.
  • To align on key success factors to creating an implementable evidence plan that addresses evidence gaps and ensures launch and reimbursement success from a multi-stakeholder perspective.


Rosemary Jose, PhD

Executive Director & Europe Lead, Strategic Market Access
OPEN Health

Rosemary Jose is Executive Director, Strategic Market Access at OPEN Health. With an experience of over 17 years across the pharma industry in both global and consulting roles, her main areas of focus are payer value communication, EU HTA joint clinical assessments, market access strategy, cross-functional evidence generation plans and regional trainings/workshops.

Dana Franznick, PharmD

Senior Director, Medical Strategy
Scientific Communications
OPEN Health

Dana Franznick, Senior Director, Medical Strategy at OPEN Health, has over 20 years' experience in Medical Affairs across various therapeutic areas. She champions cross-functional alignment to develop medical strategy objectives, integrated evidence generation plans, and medical plans that provide value to patients and the healthcare community.

Seema Haider, MSc, PhD (ABD)

Head, Emerging Markets
Value Evidence & Outcomes

Seema Haider has over twenty-nine years of experience in leading & managing international, multidisciplinary teams for the management of developing & executing Health Economics Outcomes Research (HEOR)/Real World Evidence & Access strategies, studies & publications across multiple therapeutic areas in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sonia Pulgar, MPH

Global HEOR & Market Access
(previous Humacyte, Seagen, Ipsen)

Sonia Pulgar is a healthcare leader, passionate about communicating value and optimizing market access through compelling strategy & evidence. She has built vibrant HEOR teams for US and global perspectives, and led 10 product launches. She is a natural bridge builder: between R&D and commercial and & leading multi-stakeholder research collaborations.

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