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How to assess the quality of AI output when structuring unstructured medical data

May 26th, 2023|Categories: , , |Tags: , , |

Looking to empower your organizations with high quality patient data? Human abstraction has long been considered the gold standard for extracting high quality information from EHR data. With the rise of NLP, large language models, and machine learning, the question becomes: how should we evaluate these new technologies against the traditional abstraction methods?

Pairing quality genomic data with longitudinal patient records

March 12th, 2023|Categories: |Tags: |

Sure, you've used claims and electronic health records in your research. But have you ever explored linking phenotypic and genomic or other -omic data to assess the full view of the patient journey? In this fireside chat with experts from Optum Life Sciences and DNAnexus, learn how longitudinal, linked data sets enable life sciences companies to discover new druggable targets, identify potential treatment populations, understand the genetic testing landscape and barriers to access, and more.

Digital therapeutics: Software is now entering mainstream therapeutic care

November 21st, 2022|Categories: , |Tags: , |

The news that a prominent insurer had decided to cover a digital therapeutic for opioid disorder spurred national headlines recently. In this case, the therapeutic had a breakthrough designation from the FDA. That payer decision underscored the potential as well as the challenges that have arisen around developing and marketing digital therapeutics, which have become a fast-growing segment within digital healthcare. DTx delivers clinical interventions directly to patients via software to treat, manage or prevent disease - ranging from behavioral health conditions to diabetes. We'll take a close look at this burgeoning field and see where we're headed in the years to come.

Podcast Q&A: Renee Willmon on Health Storylines

July 15th, 2022|

Join an industry expert as she answers questions on Health Storylines, a disease-agnostic and customizable platform that connects healthcare stakeholders to engaged patients.

Podcast Q&A: Embracing FDA Guidance on Real World Data

June 23rd, 2022|

Experts answer questions on embracing FDA’s guidance on the use of real world data (RWD) to understand how your organization can navigate data quality, curation, and management challenges for better research.

  • Overcoming Clinical Research Challenges

Overcoming Clinical Research Challenges: Analyzing EHR Data to Replicate Clinical Trials and Construct External Control Arms

December 21st, 2021|Categories: , , , |Tags: , , , |

Mac Bonafede, Stella Chang, and Dr. Rajesh Dash provide an overview on defeating common clinical trial barriers by combining EHR data with advanced analytics technologies.

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