About HealthEconomics.com

HealthEconomics.com is the world’s largest digital Connected Community™ for Value, Evidence and Access in the life sciences industry. HealthEconomics.com provides professionals within the health economic and outcomes research (HEOR), real-world evidence (RWE) and Market Access (MA) communities a single global link to industry insights and news, market reports and more. Since the beginning, we have provided unparalleled access to help our stakeholders drive business, improve knowledge and connect researchers and payer decision-makers worldwide.

HealthEconomics.com has the honor of being the oldest, most venerable website in the HEOR field. Founded in 1994 by Patti Peeples, Ph.D., R.Ph., a health economist and pharmacist with more than 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical value communications, the website was one of the earliest examples of community-driven curated content. Many leaders in the field point to HealthEconomics.com as helping them launch a career through our jobs portal and recruiting services. 

The company was acquired by Scientist.com in 2020, and has leveraged the partnership to bring more solution-focused insights to the Value, Evidence and Access industry. We look forward to continuing to grow and provide valuable resources to expand education and research opportunities within the field.

Our Parent Company, Scientist.com

Scientist.com is a privately-held, San Diego-based company on a mission to empower and connect scientists and make it faster and cheaper to discover new medicines. At its heart is an AI-powered marketplace for complex research experiments with the potential to transform the pharmaceutical industry in the same way Amazon has transformed the retail industry. The marketplace helps drug researchers use innovative technologies to rapidly translate their ideas into actionable data. Scientist.com’s clients include most of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, 100+ biotechs and the US National Institutes of Health. Through Scientist.com, these clients communicate directly with research experts at over 4,000 global laboratories to design and execute complex research experiments. 

As part of our commitment to democratizing global access to science, we have expanded our brand’s offerings over the years to include companies that offer a variety of services within the life sciences, from scientific content creation to biopharma investment tools to software and application development services. Recent acquisitions include InsideScientific, HealthEconomics.com, BioPharmCatalyst, Notch8 (now Software Services by Scientist.com) and Labs Explorer. Each group expands Scientist.com’s brand impact within the biopharma community.

Scientist.com | World’s Leading AI-Powered R&D Marketplace

Our Family of Brands


InsideScientific is an online environment built for scientists, researchers, lab technicians, innovators and life science industry professionals. The team produces and distributes resources including educational webinars, virtual events, interviews, training workshops, articles and more. When using the website, professionals can browse the supplier database to learn more about scientific tools, technologies and research services offered by suppliers around the globe.

InsideScientific’s mission is to augment scientific discovery by facilitating and continually improving the exchange of scientific information. The company was acquired by Scientist.com in 2021. The acquisition enabled Scientist.com to offer a full suite of science-based content and event production services to its existing global network of researchers and service providers while providing InsideScientific with additional resources to expand its production capabilities and reach a wider audience.

InsideScientific | A Scientist.com Company


Founded in 2010, BioPharmCatalyst is a research-based portal that provides key catalyst updates for publicly traded biotech and pharmaceutical companies. BioPharmCatalyst offers a wide array of tools designed to help both institutional investors, such as venture capitalists and investment firms, as well as day traders with key decision making based on the most recent corporate updates and clinical trial results. The site facilitates real-time data retrieval from various endpoints, such as the FDA calendar, PDUFA calendar, Historical FDA calendar and its Company & CEO screener. BPC’s database spans thousands of catalysts and provides indispensable tools to anyone interested in gaining a competitive edge and knowing about these events before they occur. The company was acquired by Scientist.com in 2021 to provide life science professionals with additional insight into clinical trials being conducted for drug discovery as well as an additional tool to utilize when investing in the biopharma sector.