Watch this webinar exploring real challenges and solutions for generating patient-centered real-world evidence (RWE) in the context of rare diseases to support clinical development through commercial post-approval.

Inspire, the leading patient engagement and real-world evidence platform, brings together industry experts Megan Gower, PharmD and Edward Chou, PhD at Takeda who share their expertise, experiences, and lessons learned in this field.

Rare diseases pose unique challenges when it comes to generating robust and reliable evidence due to their low prevalence and limited available data. However, patient-centered RWE is increasingly important at every phase of drug development and post approval marketing. During this webinar, industry experts discuss challenges and potential solutions for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting patient-centered real-world data.

Key Topics Include:

  • Understand common challenges associated with access to rare disease patients necessary for generating patient-centered real-world evidence.
  • Learn about best practices to ensure high quality real-world data, including methodologies and innovative strategies for data collection and analysis.
  • Discover the benefits of patient engagement and collaboration in enhancing real-world evidence generation.


Clinical Scientist
Takeda US Medical Value and Evidence Generation Clinical Research

Dr. Megan Gower is clinical scientist on the Takeda US Medical Value & Evidence Generation Clinical Research team. She oversees the development of clinical trial designs (phase IV and collaborative), study conduct, synopsis and protocol development and project alignment with TA strategy (Immunology-PDT, Transplant, Gastroenterology, Rare Endocrine).

Associate Director
Takeda US Medical Value and Evidence Generation Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Dr. Edward Chou is Associate Director on the Takeda US Medical Value and Evidence Generation HEOR team. He leads and contributes to the overall outcomes research strategy work streams for marketed assets as it relates to real-world evidence generation through observational studies and clinical trials, value communication, and field tool development.

Senior Vice President
Real World Evidence

Richard Tsai, Senior Vice President of Real-World Evidence at Inspire, is a life sciences and digital health executive with 20+ years’ marketing, product development, and commercial strategy experience. Richard is responsible for developing the patient-centered RWD platform, which empowers patients across their journey and accelerates RWE generation.

Production Partner


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