In this webinar, panelists will address integrating patient-centered research into real-world studies, focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and developing systemic approaches for a more equitable research ecosystem.

Regulatory bodies and government agencies often require stakeholder engagement in drug development and clinical research studies, however, industry sponsors have been slower to adopt patient-centered research strategies into their real-world research. While there is a growing emphasis on efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), key barriers to integrating patient-centered research into industry-sponsored real-world studies remain.

Panelists will explore tensions created by different core values held by stakeholders and the reasons for the somewhat fragmented and methodologically limited status quo. A framework used to transform patient-centered research from a singular method into a company-wide philosophy will be presented, along with industry examples highlighting patient-centric application, with a focus on advancing health equity. Potential solutions to support a more equitable and inclusive research ecosystem will be proposed.

Panelists are key stakeholders in industry-sponsored real-world studies focused on how patient advocates, contract research organizations (CROs), and life sciences companies can work together to bring a more systemic, DEI-focused, and integrated approach to patient-centered research.

Key Topics Include:

  • Demystifying barriers and highlighting factors that facilitate the integration of patient-centered strategies into research study design, conduct, and dissemination.
  • Real-world examples showcasing successful applications of patient-centric approaches in industry-sponsored studies with an emphasis on advancing health equity.
  • Exploring patient-identified challenges and benefits to incorporating patients and their perspectives into real-world research.
  • Identifying strategies and best practices for building a meaningful, impactful, and effective patient engagement strategy for research that centers the patient and builds trust between patients and research communities.


Sarah Daugherty, PhD, MPH

Principal Scientist
Patient-Centered Research 
Carelon Research

In her role at Carelon Research, Dr. Sarah Daugherty provides senior leadership and oversight for a broad range of patient-centered research studies using qualitative and quantitative methods. Dr. Daugherty values multi-stakeholder engagement and has co-produced innovative research in partnership with a broad array of healthcare research stakeholders.

Rebekah Angove, PhD

Executive VP, Director
Research & Evaluation, Patient Insight Institute
Patient Advocate Foundation

Rebekah SM Angove, PhD is a health services researcher and leader in patient engagement. She brings expertise in participatory processes, patient centered outcomes research, and the integration of patient experiences and insights into care, research, and policy.

Aarti Patel, PharmD, MBA

Group Director
Scientific Partnerships & Population Research
Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicines

Aarti Patel, PharmD, MBA serves as a Scientific Partnerships & Population Research within Johnson & Johnson Scientific Affairs. In her role, she strategically partners with stakeholders to generate evidence and resources that can inform health systems as they enable population health management and drive health equity.

Production Partner

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