Medicare Drug Price Negotiations Will Include Patient Perspectives and Real-World Evidence

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According to Medicare Director Meena Seshamani, upcoming drug pricing negotiations will take the patient perspective and real-world evidence (RWE) into account. The agency wants to incorporate information about how high prices of key therapeutics impacts patients, as well as how the drugs are used and work in real-world settings.

Folding Patient Experience into EU Real-World Data Studies

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The use of real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) into clinical research and regulatory decision making is growing in the EU. However, patient experience data is yet to be incorporated, for a variety of reasons. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) held a panel last year to discuss patient experience data and best practices by which it can be leveraged going forward.

Embracing Patient-Centered Clinical Trials to Facilitate More Representative Recruitment

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Despite recent efforts, patient recruitment for clinical trials is expensive, difficult, and time-consuming. Moreover, the vast majority of clinical trials are far from representative of real patient populations, often severely lacking in people from marginalized ethnic and racial backgrounds. In a new sponsored Biopharma Dive article, learn how a patient-centered approach may facilitate cheaper and more representative recruitment.

Patient-Reported Data Collection to Grow Through Medicare Drug Pricing Negotiations

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A recent guidance from the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) stated that patient experiences will be factored into the upcoming Medicare drug pricing negotiations. As a result, patient-reported data collection is set to grow significantly. However, significant uncertainty surrounds the process and meeting as of yet unset parameters for the datya.

FDA Releases Guidance on Patient-Centered Drug Development

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A final draft guidance regarding patient-focused drug development (PFDD) has been issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The guidance covers data collection methods about patient care experiences and how they can be used in regulatory decision-making processes, specifically clinical outcomes assessments (COA).

How New Advancements in Pharmacy are Shifting the Managed Care Landscape

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Pharmacies are changing, sending ripples into the managed care landscape. In a new Managed Healthcare Executive article, Joe Johnson, Todd Clark, and Brendan Mitchell of LEK Consulting discuss new disruptive pharmacy models and how they are affecting managed care and other payers. The first such shift is a move towards better patient access to care decided upon by their provider.

AMCP 2023 Panel Argues for Patient-Centered Prior Authorization

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Prior authorization is a complex, lengthy process that stands between patients and the drugs they need. In a panel at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy 2023, Heather Odem, PharmD, of UnitedHealthcare and Richard Ogletree, PharmD, of Alliant Health Solutions spoke about the need to shift measures used in prior authorization decision-making to benefit patients.

Transparency, Oversight, and Opt-in Consent Makes Patients More Open to Sharing Data

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A newly published paper in JAMA Network Open found that patients are more likely to participate in patient data sharing programs if certain conditions are met. Survey data from 3,500 hundred patients showed that patients valued transparency, opt-in informed consent, oversight mechanisms, and privacy.

Talking Remote Care and Reimbursement with Bronwyn Spira of Force Therapeutics

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The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced new CPT codes last year, reducing barriers via remote care. In a new video by Managed Healthcare Executive, Force Therapeutics’ Bronwyn Spira talks about how these new codes affected outcomes and why outcomes-based reimbursement models may help support these efforts going forward.

ISPOR Task Force – Good Practices for Patient Preference Studies

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Healthcare decision-makers have increasingly recognized the importance of patient health preferences, incorporating results from patient preference studies into a wide range of deliberative processes. ISPOR has published a set of good practices to enhance the impact of these studies in a newly published paper in the organization’s Value in Health journal.

Connecting Payers to Patients with Rare Diseases

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Patients with rare diseases often require complex, expensive medications that may or may not be on their payer’s formulary. In a recently published paper in Future Medicine, Siva Narayanan put forward a payer-patient engagement framework (PPEF) intended to connect rare disease patients with payers to make informed reimbursement decisions based on the individual's needs.

Managing the Implementation of Patient-Centered Care

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At the recent R&D and Quality Summit, hosted by Veeva Systems, industry experts broke down the moving parts underlying patient-centered care. One requirement is consolidate data sources so that different parties can work together from the same playing field in risk management. In addition, stakeholders must tease out the important variables found in disparate data sources.

Engaging Patients and Improving Outcomes through Self-Driven Healthcare

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The UK agency Innovate UK established the idea of self-driven healthcare (SDH), a broad term covering strategies to help engage patients in their own healthcare. In a newly published paper in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, authors lay out a framework for SDH that would use digital health technologies like medical devices and apps to deliver healthcare information to patients and their providers.

Community Care Hubs as an Avenue to Improve Health Outcomes

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The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has prioritized the need to address social determinants of health to improve health outcomes for marginalized people. In this month’s issue of Health Affairs¸ authors discuss the use of community care hubs to help improve community health outcomes.

FACILITATE Patient-Centered Framework Will Boost Repurposing of Clinical Trial Data

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The Framework for Clinical Trial Participants’ Data Reutilization for a Fully Transparent and Ethical Ecosystem (FACILITATE) is a project supported by a coalition of EU and Non-EU nations to help support the re-use of clinical trial data. This will allow increased access to existing pools of real-world evidence (RWE) that is often out of researchers’ reach. In addition, it will provide participants with access to their trial data.

PCOC 2022: AJMC Talks with Dr. Kashyap Patel About Value-Based Care

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This year’s Patient-Centered Oncology Care 2022 saw several talks about defining value in oncology care, according to Dr. Kashyap Patel of Community Oncology Alliance and Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates. Patel spoke about this and other topics covered at the conference with the AJMC  staff in a video interview.

Study Finds Involving Pharmacists in Hemophilia Care Results in Better Outcomes and Lower Costs

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Hemophilia care often comes with a high price tag and requires a multidisciplinary care team. A newly published paper in The Permanente Journal finds that adding a pharmacist to the team can help improve outcomes and lower costs. The study examined 15 medical providers that actively involved pharmacists in hemophilia care, having them check in with patients between visits and ordering specialty lab tests.

Using Patient-Centered Care Through Pharmacies for Better Health Outcomes

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Patient-centered care is one option to help improve health outcomes , but implementation through primary care is held back by the number of patients who avoid or cannot access preventative care. In a new Drugstore News article by Nicholas Turos, VP of business development at Babson Diagnostics, pharmacies are a prime spot to deliver personalized care.

Transforming Value-Based Care: 4 Areas of Focus

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The US spends more than any other nation on healthcare, yet falls behind in many different measures of health outcomes, such as life expectancy, preventable hospitalization, and avoidable deaths. Value-based care has been presented as a way forward, replacing the current fee-for-service model that negatively impacts patients and clinicians. In a new article, Jacqueline LaPointe of Xtelligent Media speaks about the four key areas to work on to advance value-based carea.

Addressing Burnout and Improving Care Quality Through Accountable Care Organizations

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Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are a key piece in establishing value-based care modalities that improve health outcomes and keep costs down. Although the COVID-19 pandemic reduced the total savings of these programs, value-based care saved Medicare $3.6 billion before shared savings payments were factored in. This figure was actually less than that of 2020.

Dr. Ben Zaniello of PointClickCare Talks Value-Based Care

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Value-based care has been offered as a solution to minimize healthcare costs for patients and payers while providing the best possible health outcomes. In a new interview with Skilled Nursing News, Dr. Ben Zaniello, CFO of PointClickCare talks about the challenges and benefits of value-based care. One setback for value-based care is the relative paucity of providers that use the reimbursement model.

Webinar – Personalize Patient Engagement by Integrating Your Innovation and Digital Strategies – September 22

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Pivoting to patient-centered care is a major step towards improving health outcomes, but barriers exist that stop or slow implementation. To achieve a truly patient-centered approach, these barriers must be addressed. In an upcoming webinar on September 20th, speakers from industry and healthcare will share their insights into digital strategies that can help personalize patient engagement.

Making Next-Gen Sequencing Accessible to Patients

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Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is essential for advances in individualized medicine, but getting it to patients requires convincing insurers to pay for the technique. For this goal, care must be taken to ensure an accurate value-assessment process. In a new article in Value and Outcomes Spotlight, Lieven J.P. Annemans, PhD, discusses the barriers patients face accessing NGS and proposes a plan of action to reduce them.

Webinar – A Journey without a Map: Building an Oncology Powerhouse Where Innovation Thrives – Sept. 21

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The landscape of next-generation cancer treatment development is rapidly changing. Achieving success in advanced requires careful consideration of the shifting tides of the industry and quick adoption of new concepts and technologies. In an upcoming Endpoints webinar on September 21st, leaders from Astellas discuss how they built an oncology powerhouse.

Webinar: Making HEOR More Accessible to Patients – October 13th

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Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) is increasingly being picked up by providers, payers, drugmakers, and regulatory decision-makers for its value in healthcare and research. Patients and patient advocacy groups, however, may be intimidated by the jargon and acronyms of the field. In an upcoming webinar on October 13th, HEOR experts will discuss how to make HEOR relevant and accessible for patients and why it’s important.

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