How New Advancements in Pharmacy are Shifting the Managed Care Landscape

April 4, 2023

Pharmacies are changing, sending ripples into the managed care landscape. In a new Managed Healthcare Executive article, Joe Johnson, Todd Clark, and Brendan Mitchell of LEK Consulting discuss new disruptive pharmacy models and how they are affecting managed care and other payers. The first such shift is a move towards better patient access to care decided upon by their provider.

According to Johnson, “I think the other thing that’s changed in the ecosystem is that we’re trying to empower the physician to have more data at the point of care in order to make informed decisions around real time benefits and what’s covered. So, that ultimately, the patient can have greater affordability and therefore coverage, lower out of pocket costs, lower co pays associated with with the pharmacy scripts that they’ll be filling,” he said. “Then also at the point of care, I think, helping steer the patient to the right pharmacies that will have the product to be filled immediately, as opposed to having to wait to start treatment.”

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(Source: Managed Healthcare Executive, March 29th, 2023)

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