Between Two Scientists: Data Linkage – Like Making a Fine, Blended Wine from Varietal Data Sources

Airdate: Wednesday, September 27, 2023  Season: 2  Episode: 8

Sponsor: Panalgo, LLC

This episode of tHEORetically Speaking features host Meg Richards, Executive Director of Solutions at Panalgo, who speaks with Erik Maul, Senior Director of Data Partnerships at Panalgo about data linkage.

The healthcare and life sciences industries are currently experiencing transformative times of growth. The explosion of real-world data, new regulatory programs and frameworks, and a focus on AI and machine learning are only a few of the factors contributing to this rapidly evolving landscape. In this podcast – we’re aiming to illuminate these catalysts of change by talking to the experts themselves. From tHEORetically Speaking, this is Episode 1 “Like Making a Fine, Blended Wine from Varietal Data Sources” of the Between Two Scientists series by Panalgo.

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