Between Two Scientists: Labeling and Certifying your Varietal Data Blend

Airdate: Wednesday, November 29, 2023  Season: 2  Episode: 11

Sponsor: Panalgo, LLC

This episode of tHEORetically Speaking is the second installment of Panalgo’s ‘Between Two Scientists’, featuring host Meg Richards, Executive Director of Solutions at Panalgo, and Bobby Samuels, General Manager of Privacy Hub at Datavant.

In the first episode of ‘Between Two Scientists’, we talked about data linkages and the need to certify the linked data before they can be used for research. In this episode, we’re picking up the data certification thread. Like the first episode, this one is also to wine-making.

Panalgo, a Norstella company, is your partner on the healthcare data analytics journey. Whether it’s industry-leading software, access to data, expert analytic services, or any combination of the three, we’re here to support you at any stage of your analytics journey. Interested in learning more about how Panalgo can support your efforts, from data to analytics and insights? Contact Panalgo today.

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