Segmed Exceeds 100 Million Imaging Studies Milestone on Its Network

August 14, 2023

Segmed, a company that focuses on simplifying access to real-world medical imaging data (RWiD), has announced its network has surpassed 100 million imaging studies due to partnerships with national and international healthcare providers. The company facilitates the connection between healthcare providers, researchers, and technology developers through its web platform, Insight. They aim to democratize healthcare data for privacy-preserving research and development. Unlike its competitors, Segmed links imaging data with other data types, using Datavant’s data tokenization solutions to enrich RWiD with data from other sources while ensuring privacy. Segmed’s data warehouse now represents over 40 U.S. states and 15 countries. All data on the platform is de-identified and compliant with HIPAA and GDPR regulatory standards. Segmed recently achieved ISO 27001 certification and renewed their SOC Type II attestation.

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[Source: Technology Today, August 10th, 2023]

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