Revolutionizing Healthcare: Epic and Elevance Health’s Data-Driven, AI-Enhanced Collaboration

December 11, 2023

The healthcare technology sector is experiencing significant advancements due to the efforts of two major players: Epic and Elevance Health (formerly Anthem). Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Epic’s Clinical Research Database: Epic, a healthcare technology giant, is developing a cutting-edge decision support tool for clinicians, leveraging its vast clinical research database that includes data on 226 million patients. This tool aims to provide recommendations on treatments based on similar patient profiles.
  2. Elevance Health’s Health OS and AI Integration: Elevance Health is utilizing its clinical data platform, Health OS, and artificial intelligence (AI) to assist providers in closing care gaps and reducing paperwork. As explained by CEO Gail Boudreaux, this initiative focuses on integrating data on patients’ physical, mental, and social health into a comprehensive patient record within electronic health record (EHR) systems.
  3. Data Integration and Value-Based Care: A key goal for both organizations is to break down data silos and integrate diverse patient data. This integration is vital for providers in value-based payment arrangements, allowing them to target urgent needs with near-real-time information and make appropriate referrals or interventions.
  4. Collaboration Between Elevance Health and Epic: Two years ago, Elevance Health and Epic formed a partnership to facilitate direct and bilateral data exchange. This collaboration uses Epic’s Payer Platform to efficiently share clinical data and information.
  5. AI Utilization and Pain Point Addressing: Both organizations leverage AI to enhance healthcare delivery. Elevance Health uses AI for predictive insights and to address care gaps. Epic integrates AI into its EHR platform for tasks like medical note summarization and provides real-world evidence for patient care.
  6. Upcoming Tools from Epic: Epic is developing new point-of-care tools, such as the “Best Care Choices for My Patient,” which will be available to Epic users in fall 2024. This tool will allow clinicians to access treatment recommendations based on similar patient profiles. Another tool, “Look-alikes,” helps physicians identify rare diseases by finding patients with similar symptoms.
  7. Partnership with Qualtrics for Personalized Care: Epic is also partnering with Qualtrics to integrate patient experience data with health information in Epic, aiming to provide a more personalized healthcare experience.

Epic and Elevance Health are at the forefront of integrating AI and vast data resources to revolutionize healthcare delivery, focusing on personalization, efficiency, and improved patient outcomes.

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[Source: Fierce Healthcare, December 11th, 2023]

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