Joseph Zabinski

Joseph Zabinski, PhD, MEM

Managing Director of AI & Personalized Medicine
Data Solutions


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Joseph Zabinski, PhD, MEM is Managing Director of AI & Personalized Medicine at OM1, where he oversees development and deployment of AI products across a range of use cases in partnership with pharmaceutical and medical device companies, providers, and health plans. Prior to joining OM1, Dr. Zabinski was a consultant in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Practice at McKinsey & Co. He specialized in advising life science and healthcare clients on using AI and advanced analytics, including identification of unmet medical needs, portfolio optimization, and AI strategy. His academic research focused on applications of Bayesian network modeling methods to predicting and stratifying environmental human health risk. Dr. Zabinski holds a master’s degree in engineering management from Dartmouth College, and a doctorate with a focus in health analytics from the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.