M2Gen, a pioneering health informatics solutions company focused on accelerating the discovery and development of precision medicine and the operational arm of the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network ® (ORIEN), has been a leader in the use of knowledge graph and connected data to integrate large volumes of distributed, clinical trial data and to facilitate a collaborative approach to the fight against cancer.

Register for this live fireside chat featuring Jamie Powers, a Principal Consultant for Healthcare at Cambridge Semantics, and Judy Barkal, Chief Technology and Medical Informatics Officer at M2Gen, to learn how they are using knowledge graphs and connected data to drive patient-centric data analytics in oncology research.

During this chat, we’ll cover:

  • What does M2Gen do and what services and solutions does it provide to the oncology research market
  • What types of data M2Gen integrates from its network
  • Some of the unique integration challenges faced by M2Gen with integrating such diverse data and the strategies it used to address these challenges
  • Why M2Gen chose to use a knowledge graph and semantic approach
  • The steps M2Gen has taken to implement this innovative approach
  • What is coming from M2Gen, from a data analytics offering perspective, in 2020 and beyond

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