COVID-19 has transformed healthcare through the rapid adoption of temporary payment for telemedicine visits. Will the parity of payment for virtual and face-to-face care continue after COVID-19 has abated?

“We won’t pay the same for a virtual visit as for an office visit” is a statement that reflects our traditional assumption that paying for doing has more value than paying for triage, coordinating, educating, and managing our patients using “cognitive services.”

In this webinar, Dr. Mitchell Kaminski, Program Director of Population Health at the Jefferson College of Population Health will be joined by Dr. Colleen Baum, a Masters of Science in Population Health student at the College.

Dr. Baum has front-line experience with implementing virtual care and telemedicine visits in her native state of Hawaii. They will review where we’ve been, and where we hope to go with virtual technology.

Access Dr. Kaminski’s recent paper on LinkedIn and join the conversation during the webinar!

This webinar is free and open to all, you are welcome to share this with your network.

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