Mike Pace, MBA, Pierre Etienne, MD, and Clifton Chow give an insightful and practical webinar on one of the most important areas in pharmaceutical value and market access.

Value-based agreements (VBAs), Managed Entry Agreements (MEAs) or Outcomes-based agreements are arrangements between manufacturers and healthcare payers that allow for coverage of innovative treatments while managing uncertainty around financial impact or performance. VBAs are utilized to address payer concerns about the product’s clinical value.

Over the past decade, much has been learned about the application of MEAs, including how to structure and assess their impact from the perspective of relevant stakeholders (manufacturers, payers, patients).

Experts present an evidence-based summary of global experience with Managed Entry Agreements, Outcomes-based Agreements, and Risk-sharing Arrangements. Common challenges, actionable solutions, and key learnings are discussed using case studies and multiple examples.

You’ll learn about how a value-based agreement announced between Prime Therapeutics and Pear Therapeutics is being utilized to support coverage of prescription digital therapeutics for substance and opioid use disorder, including stakeholder incentive alignment and financing considerations. Mike Pace, former Global Commercial Head of Market Access and HEOR of Pear Therapeutics presents this case study and its broader implications.

Pierre Etienne and Clifton Chow describe how to define, measure, and monitor relevant outcomes as part of MEAs, with multiple examples from the literature.

At the end of this webinar, you will have a strong understanding of the types of financial and outcomes-based arrangements commonly utilized in the industry, including common pitfalls and possible solutions that drive success for the manufacturer, payer, and patient.


Co-Founder & CMO
Actu-Real, Inc.

Dr. Pierre Etienne is a well-recognized thought leader and scientist, with strong research as well as business acumen; extensive experience both in the pharma industry and in academia, research, and clinical practice.

Founder & President

Michael Pace, Founder & President, PalmHealth.co has carved a record of global health technology commercial growth at the intersection of biotechnology, chemical engineering, software development and value-based healthcare.

HEOR Consultant
Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)
Actu-Real, Inc.

Dr. Clifton Chow is a health economist and policy analyst with over 20 years of health economic outcomes research (HEOR) experience. Prior to joining Actu-Real, he had been a director of HEOR with consulting firms that produced economic models, systematic literature reviews, and value dossier submissions for biotech and pharmaceutical clients.

Production Partner


Our mission is to enable evidence-based decisions in healthcare. With Actu-Real, you have access to a cross-functional team of statisticians, data scientists, actuaries, health economics and outcomes research analysts, therapeutic area specialists and drug development experts.

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