Join MasterControl Product Management Director Sue Marchant as she explains how to take your company from reactive to proactive and predictive quality management. You’ll learn how an advanced quality management system (QMS) that connects data across the product life cycle can provide business intelligence insights and give management a better understanding of your processes and how to improve them.

Attendees will learn:

  • The ripple effect of bad – or no – quality data.
  • The common challenges and missed opportunities of document-centric quality.
  • The potential role and business impact of data-centric quality.
  • How technology can support and accelerate the transition.
  • How to use quality data to assess risk.
  • How to use predictive analytics to gauge impact on cycle times.
  • How to make quality matter more to executives by connecting it to KPIs.
  • Who should attend: Quality professionals and anyone involved in selecting or implementing a QMS.

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