When it comes to providing meaningful support to consumers, patient services are on the front line. Recent data shows that patients’ interest in support services has reached an unprecedented high since the pandemic, but wavering trust in pharma companies is creating a barrier to service utilization and adherence. To build trust, pharmaceutical companies need to improve patient satisfaction through more expansive service, streamlined support, and closer collaboration with healthcare providers. In this webinar, Salesforce speaks with experts from Novartis, ViiV Healthcare, Curémonos and Biogen to explore how pharma companies can improve trust to drive better patient services engagement and adherence.

You will learn how to:

• Build better virtual relationships and digital pathways with providers to ensure confidence in your patient services

• Provide meaningful service to patients by harnessing social listening, consumer preferences, and clear communication to create personalized interactions

• Refine your operations to bridge gaps in care and support for a more comprehensive patient services strategy

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