How to sustain innovation, drive long-term organisational change and overcome regulatory obstacles

Patient centricity is a much-discussed topic for pharma and healthcare marketers, but many companies still struggle to truly get it right. Often, we hear that the complexity and amount of regulation is the key challenge faced, but if we are to change the status quo permanently and achieve real patient-centric change in today’s environment this mindset can no longer stand.

Patient centricity has been a cross-organisational objective long before the COVID-19 crisis, but the past year has seen marketing and commercial teams sharpen focus and deliver real success. Long standing processes have been transformed, outcomes have been prioritised over outputs, and remote care and other technological innovations have become the new normal after a year of turmoil. So how did our approach to regulation change to allow such swift and scaled innovation? And how can we maintain this momentum into the future?

In our latest webinar, we’ve brought together marketing leaders from across the industry to champion some of the success stories the industry has had in bringing ambitious patient-centric ideas to life in this highly regulated arena.

Join our panel of forward thinkers to learn how to:

  • Embrace change and innovation: how change management is leading to new organisational designs and processes built around patient centricity demands
  • Put centricity into practice: find out how patients were kept at the heart of marketing objectives, with input from across the spectrum
  • Master the digital pivot: discover how to build genuine connections and leverage the digital front door

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