Join Avalere experts as they explore the future role of telehealth and how organizations can help shape and take advantage of its increased utilization.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented significant challenges to the care delivery landscape. These issues have led to delays or gaps in care and undiagnosed and undermanaged conditions. Telehealth has rapidly expanded to help fill some of these challenges. While telehealth is not new, the recent environmental dynamics and state and federal facilitation of telehealth have led to extensive growth in how it is being used and is poised to reposition the value of telehealth in the care delivery landscape. As states begin to open back up and elective care resumes, all stakeholders need to consider what, if any, of these new flexibilities should and will remain and what that will mean for the care delivery system.

Key topics include:

  • Current and future implications for manufacturers, payers, providers, patients, and other stakeholders
  • The new flexibilities that have the best chance to remain post-pandemic
  • Long-term impacts on care delivery and patients’ health
  • Historical barriers to adoption to be addressed
  • Engagement strategies to affect policy, coverage, or utilization of telehealth

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