Find your competitive advantage through future proofed commercial objectives, data interoperability, and ROI on investment. As pharma adopts a more customer-centric approach to market differentiation, the individual preferences of HCPs are more important than ever. However, as expectations have evolved so too have our challenges and our competitors.

From aligning data sources to micro-segmentation, engagement mapping, and customer profile optimisation, we need to keep on top of both cultural and capability requirements if we are going to capture limited HCP attention, prove ROI and deliver senior buy-in.

But how?

Join Sanofi, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Sitecore and FCB Health as they explore how to unify sources through a 1st party data platform, optimise customer profiles and build a deeper understanding of HCP preferences to enable hyper-segmentation, automation, and real-time targeting:

• Foster a culture of customer-centricity: Empower your team with the soft and technical skills needed to deliver industry-leading digital engagement

• Align legacy data sources, enable cross-functional omnichannel strategy and apply AI, ML and predictive modelling for deeper customer understanding

• Implement process-first personalisation: Optimise your business intelligence through complete campaign monitoring to exceed your digital goals

• Prove project value: Develop lean, targeted, and orchestrated campaigns with clear KPIs that deliver tangible ROI

Watch live on March 29, 2022/ 9:00am EDT/ 2:00pm BST/ 3:00pm CEST or on-demand.

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