COVID-19 has exacerbated gaps in the health care system and highlighted the need for better value-based care. But for some health insurance providers, navigating the shift to value-based care can be tricky and understanding the nuances of new models, like VBID, poses additional challenges.

Better understanding the VBID model can help health insurance providers know what tools they have to leverage—including supplemental benefits for digital health and technology solutions, funding for addressing social determinants of health or med adherence—to better achieve key quality metrics. This webinar will address the key goals and guidelines for the VBID model with key thought leader, Dr. Mark Fendrick with the University of Michigan, and share the role of digital health in successfully navigating the model.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The goal and structure of the VBID model and the value it drives for participating health insurance providers
  • Leveraging the VBID model to
    • Increase medication and care plan adherence
    • Strengthen digital health offerings at minimal cost
    • Improve outcomes by addressing social determinants of health

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