This program offers real-world, relevant training for life science companies. Are your company’s pre-approval information exchange (PIE) strategy and tactics aligned with the market and FDA guidance? Do you know:

  • What PIE data payers are receiving about new products in development?
  • What additional data payers are looking for?
  • What additional information are payers providing about specialty products?
  • How other manufacturers are communicating PIE information?
  • How to leverage FormularyDecisionsSM for pre-approval communication?
  • How to integrate a pre-approval dossier into a proactive communications plan?
  • How to facilitate alignment on PIE policies and process with key stakeholders within your company?

Program Goals

  • At the completion of this program, participants should be able to:
  • Build your PIE expertise and core competencies required to drive your pre-approval payer objectives.
  • Gain real customer insights – AMCP thought leaders and experts bring insight and meaning to their rapidly evolving business models.
  • Provide resources to build expertise and confidence, and a framework to enable managers to coach their team members.

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