When it comes to digital initiatives, some things are certain.

We know that technology alone is never enough.

We know from countless attempts to digitize clinical trials that if we fail to tackle the human angle, fail to prioritize change management, fail to put ourselves in the patient’s shoes, we will fail.

Covid-19 has forced everyone into a rapid virtualization of traditional studies. You might think that this sudden change means we should be led by technology and speed.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Many virtual trials are already doomed from having to pivot so quickly without due consideration to other key factors. To deliver high-performing trials, we need to learn from those with the most experience in converting trials to a home setting.

Anybody can start a video call and talk to a patient. But to integrate the multiple stakeholders required to migrate a trial into a home setting, you need to draw on past learning. Science37 is the organization with more virtual trial experience than any other, across many therapy areas. Join us for a free webinar as we explain honestly and transparently how early stumbling blocks and growing pains are now enabling rapid digital transformation that also comes with reliable outcomes.

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