Real-world data comes from different sources such as surveys, existing databases, electronic medical records and claims. Each source has its own advantages and disadvantages to answer specific research questions. The capacity to combine different data sources can be the most effective way to achieve success in a real-world evidence generation project, from time, financial and quality perspectives.

CancerMPact is a proprietary database from Kantar, that contains data from many sources and can be combined with other databases to produce meaningful evidence. Our aim is to describe our experience and potential for combining CancerMPact with other sources to generate information for forecasting (including late line treatments), patterns of care, patient flows, economic studies, identification of knowledge gaps, comparison of care between different geographic locations, identification of commercial opportunities for specific subgroups of patients, etc.

We will present the major characteristics of each oncology data set and three case studies to demonstrate CancerMPact combination capabilities.

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