Biopharma companies are increasingly adopting RWE to drive efficiencies in drug research and development. From informing early stage planning to supporting label expansions, RWE research methods are enabling R&D teams to make more informed decisions, faster.

In this webinar, hear from global biopharma leaders and Aetion about how and where RWE can enable more agile research approaches to accelerate drug development.

You will also hear about:

  • Updates on the state of RWE in 2021, including trends in regulatory approvals and anticipated guidances this year
  • Examples of how biopharma can use RWE to inform trial feasibility and design, to test lab-developed hypotheses, and to support label expansion
  • How global biopharma companies are integrating RWE across their R&D teams, with insight into trends and best practices for operationalizing adoption

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