Around the world, governments, researchers, and health care providers are working under extreme pressure to develop and deliver effective, evidence-based approaches to prevent, detect, treat, and manage COVID-19. The need for swift action combined with the constantly changing information we have about the virus is altering the evidence landscape in many ways.

This webinar will explore whether COVID-19 has changed the evidence landscape paradigm, the type of evidence used to make decisions, the utility of rapid reviews to support critically important policy and clinical decisions, and the level of risk decision-makers are willing to tolerate. Speakers will also explore whether COVID 19 has changed how we look at evidence going forward.

Join CADTH CEO Suzanne McGurn as she moderates a candid discussion with leading experts, including:

  • Dr. Christopher McCabe, Executive Director and CEO, Institute of Health Economics
  • Anne Hayes, Director, Research, Analysis and Evaluation Branch, Ontario Ministry of Health and Co-Chair of the Evidence Synthesis Network, and Member of the COVID-19 Advisory for Ontario Science Table
  • Dr. Nicole Mittmann, Chief Scientist and Vice-President, Evidence Standards, CADTH

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