The HealthVerity IPGE Platform continues to make strides in offering access to the most integral healthcare data sources and cutting edge data workflows that power your research. Data providers recognize that HealthVerity’s highly accurate approach to patient identity resolution and data management is ideal for delivering fully interoperable, regulatory grade, HIPAA-compliant data direct to your environment.


Because your key research and analytics projects demand ever greater insights, HealthVerity is pleased to introduce significant new additions to lab data, medical claims data, in-patient data and mortality data to the nation’s largest ecosystem for healthcare and consumer data. We believe that this new wave of data partners will generate powerful new insights for our Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Government clients across a wide range of research and analytics applications.


Join us on Thursday, March 31 at 12PM EDT for an overview of the newest additions to the HealthVerity RWD ecosystem and to learn more about the top use cases for these invaluable sources.


During this 45 minute interactive session, you’ll get unprecedented access to:

  • All of the top US lab sources for comprehensive access to the largest test panel portfolio in the industry
  • New medical claims coverage including a reveal of our #1 source
  • New death data that offers a privacy-protected means to assess mortality in a comprehensive manner
  • An insider’s view on our strategy to add foundational sources for payer, genetic and chronic disease data


We’ll also have 15 minutes at the end for a Q&A session with our experts — bring your challenges and use cases to chat with us!

Click here for additional information and registration details.

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