Vice Admiral Raquel “Rocky” Bono, MD (Ret.), a visiting scholar with the Value Institute for Health and Care, spent much of 2020 leading Washington State’s COVID-19 Health System Response Management Team. In service to other health care leaders, the Value Institute for Health and Care recently published two large-scale reports produced by Admiral Bono and her team that detail steps taken by Washington State to manage the pandemic and provide recommendations for further improvements.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed serious shortcomings in the US health care system while also yielding insights that may eventually lead to higher health care value, such as a better understanding of telemedicine best practices and greater attention to health inequities. As case rates continue to rise, however, the most immediate need is to manage the pandemic’s spread and to mitigate its impact on local health systems and economies. The reports produced by Washington State’s Health System Response Management Team provide actionable steps for doing so. Both reports can be found here:

In this webinar, Admiral Bono will join Value Institute Managing Director Scott Wallace to discuss these reports, as well as to share key takeaways about COVID-19 management, including the importance of cross-sector collaboration and public-private partnerships. Following the conversation, Admiral Bono will take questions from the audience.

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