How smart companies are embracing connected health and reinventing commercial performance through data

No doubt, you’ve piloted digital health initiatives at your company. You’ve invested in talent, drawn up some new concepts and maybe even built a working prototype.

But what you probably haven’t done is scale these efforts into a comprehensive ecosystem that fundamentally alters the nature of your product offering; supporting patients more effectively, providing relevant data to HCPs, utilizing real-time data to improve commercial decisions, and ultimately enable a value-based proposition to thrive from launch through to maturity.

These ambitious efforts are few and far between, and often don’t move past the pilot stage – not due to a lack of desire, but due to a lack of confidence and ambition. This free webinar is designed to show you that, with the right partners and mindset in place, bolder initiatives are within your grasp – and indeed may be the only way you can gain ROI on digital health efforts.

Join us as we:

  • Bridge the gap between drugs and data – close the loop to gain new insights
  • See how new drug launches can be monitored in real-time, and boosted through digital health initiatives
  • Explore how accurate, timely medication usage data can turbocharge PSPs to drive better adherence and outcomes
  • Work out how to scale Connected Health projects in line with growing revenue streams

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