This on-demand webinar explains the evolution of EUnetHTA and its influence to date on EU market access, and outlines the scenarios for the future development of this initiative.

The important differences between assessments by EUnetHTA and those by national health technology assessment (HTA) agencies are presented, and consideration is given to the potential implications for manufacturers of harmonizing HTA approaches to clinical assessment.

Discussion points:

  • Introduction to the creation of EUnetHTA, and its current and potential future influence on European market access
  • Critical review of the key differences between a range of evidence domains, evidence requirements, approaches, and preferred methodologies used in assessments by EUnetHTA versus those used by HTA agencies in Germany (the G-BA), England and Wales (NICE), and France (the TC)
  • Examples of differences in approaches to assessing evidence between the agencies and EUnetHTA, as observed in past assessments
  • Summarization of the implications for the pharmaceutical industry in the EU of increased harmonization in HTA approaches to clinical assessment, via the EUnetHTA initiative.


  1. Jan McKendrick – Senior Director
  2. Alison lawrence – Client Partnership Director
  3. Merel Gijisen – Associate Director

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