It’s happened to the best of us: you want to unveil game changing findings from your research activities, but can’t figure out how to draw attention to the most important data sets to help your audience quickly see the value of your work. Or worse, you’ve delivered a presentation to your colleagues only to realize too late that there is an egregious data visualization error discrediting your findings.

The fact is that visualizing data isn’t as easy as simply choosing a chart or graph tool in excel. After all, what if you choose the wrong chart type for the job? Great data visualizations consider both your audience and end goals, identify data requirements upfront, and visualize data as accurately as possible.

For this webinar, founder and CEO of Killer Visual Strategies, Amy Balliett, will help you master data visualization best practices that will bring your research findings to life in the best possible ways. You’ll learn:

  • How brain science affects our understanding of data visualizations and visual cues
  • How to identify the right chart for the job and key questions to test your chart selection
  • How to avoid common data visualization mistakes
  • How to take your data visualizations up a level to ensure they stand out in your presentations

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