Healthcare industry players continue to work toward better meeting the needs of their patients, doctors and nursing staff. In particular, automation is expected to accelerate, unearthing more effective technological support for operational, therapeutic and clinical decision making.


As the industry faces significant staff shortages, the implementation of automation becomes all the more critical for ensuring patients can continue to receive the care that they need. We must pivot our approach now, fully embrace the automation of menial clinician and administrative tasks and relieve our overstretched staff of these unnecessary burdens.


Our expert panel, will address your questions and key challenges including, how to:

• Reduce clinician burden and burnout by automating processes and providing digital assistance, liberating clinical staff to focus more on patients (not paperwork)

• Integrate AI levers into workflows to operational, clinical, and shared decision-making along the patient pathway

• Overcome obstacles and resource constraints to scale digital and AI pilot schemes into efficient systems used organization wide

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