Accelerating pharma innovation depends on maximizing the value of biomedical data assets, including imaging data. Within research organizations, however, data is often underleveraged, siloed, and disorganized. This adds to R&D timelines and costs, hinders AI development, and prevents collaboration that can lead to breakthroughs. How can companies address these data challenges with maximum buy-in and minimal disruption?

Our panelists will discuss:

  • The barriers to breaking down data silos in pharma
  • Cues life sciences organizations can take from the FAIR data principles
  • Tools for standardizing how data is captured, curated and shared
  • How standardizing curation can speed AI development
  • Examples of pharma successes in breaking down data silos

Featured Speakers

Dan Marcus, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Dan is the CSO of Flywheel, a biomedical research informatics platform; and a Professor of Radiology at Washington University, where he is Director of the Computational Imaging Laboratory. Dan has led the development of a number of high impact informatics and computational platforms in support of biomedical imaging applications, including the open source XNAT platform and Radiologics.

Costas Tsougarakis
Vice President, Life Sciences Solutions

Costas has over 20 years of experience in research, development, and delivery of scientific information systems in the medical device, clinical research, and pharmaceutical domains with an emphasis on biomedical imaging. Most recently, he led the development of the Roche Global Imaging Platform, based on FAIR principles, which enables at-scale image data storage, ingestion, curation, and analysis.

Oliver Keown, MD
Managing Director
Intuitive Ventures

Oliver leads investment efforts with a focus on identifying future leaders of minimally invasive care, including early stage startups across digital, medical device, therapeutic and diagnostic domains. He started his career as a junior doctor and policy advisor in the UK National Health Service and remains dedicated to bringing new technologies, diverse partnerships and investment to address healthcare‘s biggest unmet needs.

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