Biological medicines have changed the course of many complex conditions in disease areas such as rheumatology, gastroenterology and oncology, and they remain a key mainstay in many current and next generation therapies. The success and high prices of these biological medicines however challenge healthcare budgets around the globe. Enhancing competition in the biological medicines market, by the introduction of biosimilars, offers an important opportunity to tackle inefficiencies of healthcare systems by lowering treatment costs, and possibly facilitating better access to biological therapies, especially for patient groups that had limited availability of the originator biological due to cost constraints.

Despite the benefits they bring for healthcare systems and patients, biosimilar adoption has been challenged on several levels, resulting in slow and heterogeneous uptake across regions and countries. With another major wave of loss of exclusivities of original biological medicines expected in the next five to ten years, it is imperative that healthcare systems are well prepared to optimally leverage the competition potential of biosimilars. In this context, this webinar will first discuss the upcoming market opportunity for biosimilars, together with emerging trends across different markets. Second, experts will provide insights on how they envision the future of biosimilars and what is needed to ensure continued benefits from sustainable biosimilar market competition, now and in the future.

This webinar emerges in the sequence of relevant topics highlighted in the ISPOR Science Strategy (particularly the Special Populations and Technologies and Health Economics, Access and Policy sections) and the Special Interest Group on biosimilars, by specifically reflecting on how to tackle inefficiencies of healthcare systems in the future with biosimilars. The session takes a global perspective on the future of biosimilars, and presents an insightful exchange of views from experts from various regions worldwide.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain insights about the future market opportunity of biosimilars and emerging trends on a global level
  • Explore the changing landscape for biosimilars in terms of regulatory evaluation, orphan biosimilar development and commercial strategy developments
  • Learn how to identify opportunities for using real-world evidence to support sustainable biosimilar access
  • Understand how the multi-stakeholder approach can be used to support efficient biosimilar implementation

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