Virtual care took a dramatic turn in 2020. A global pandemic limited patient access to many health care providers and the world turned to telemedicine as its alternative. Pre-COVID consumers’ interest in virtual care was at nearly 11%. Now, 76% of US consumers are interested in virtual care. Whole person, data-driven virtual care is fast becoming the way to empower people to live their healthiest lives. Comprehensive digital health—inclusive of primary care, mental healthcare, wellness and prevention, chronic care management, acute and specialty care—now enables consumers and providers more access than ever to improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

During this webinar, Kelly Bliss, President of US Group Health, Teladoc Health and Matt Eyles, President & CEO of AHIP, will share their perspectives on these changes and how health plans can prepare to:

  1. Enable episodic care and longitudinal healthcare relationships
  2. Enhance the consumer experience through new engagement technologies
  3. Deliver evidence-based care and quality at scale
  4. Empower a new era of clinical collaboration
  5. Extend healthcare to underserved populations around the world

Attendees will learn:

  • How health insurance providers define value and what plan sponsors want
  • Why the digital gateway to health care lies within building networks around strong virtual offerings
  • How innovation in member experience and engagement are transforming care
  • About the importance of partnering with a trusted global leader to drive virtual care strategy

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