UK Biobank Releases Groundbreaking Dataset from Whole Genome Sequencing of 500,000 Participants, Poised to Transform Medical Research

December 4, 2023

UK Biobank has unveiled a comprehensive dataset from genome sequencing of 500,000 participants, marking a milestone expected to revolutionize medical research fields. This private dataset, developed over five years and with an investment of over £200 million, is accessible to approved researchers internationally. The inclusion of genomic information to already existing 15 years’ worth of health, lifestyle, and biological data creates an extensive health data source. The data’s richness is anticipated to spur advancements in precision medicine, targeted drug discovery, and understanding of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Noticeably, the project received substantial funding from notable entities such as Wellcome, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), and large biopharmaceutical companies. The DNA sequencing was performed by deCODE Genetics and the Wellcome Sanger Institute using cutting-edge Illumina NovaSeq technology. The data is now available on the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform hosted on Amazon Web Services.

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[Source:, December 4th, 2023]

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