Unveiling the NHS Data Landscape: First Comprehensive Mapping for Improved Transparency and Efficiency

September 28, 2023

Researchers from the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London have mapped and evaluated all electronic data flows in the NHS for the first time, revealing a complex landscape with tens of thousands of data transactions. This important research, published in The Lancet Digital Health, identifies how data is shared between healthcare providers and users and exposes areas for improvement in transparency, safe data access, and value return to the NHS. Such knowledge is critical for guiding investment into new data infrastructure and designing specific policy objectives. The study also helped shape the upcoming Sudlow Review: ‘Unifying Health Data in the UK’. Researchers recommend improvements in data transparency, enhancement of existing data infrastructure, and targeted investment to boost value return to patients and providers.

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[Source: Imperial College London, September 28th, 2023]


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