Transformative Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Enhancing Patient Care, Clinical Research, Supply Chain Resiliency and Workforce Optimization

November 2, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the healthcare industry in impactful ways. AI enables higher-quality patient care by aiding in developing diagnostic or treatment recommendations through clinical decision support (CDS) tools. The technology also advances clinical research and discovery, improving the design, feasibility, and execution of clinical trials while supporting earlier disease identification and intervention. AI also bolsters healthcare supply chain resiliency, predicting product shortages with high accuracy for better supply and care management. Lastly, AI aids in optimizing the healthcare workforce by automating labor-intensive workflows alleviating work fatigue, burnout, and staff shortages. Despite the promising progress, it’s essential to navigate the integration of these technologies responsibly into the healthcare system for the benefit of both providers and patients.

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[Source: Forbes, November 2nd, 2023]

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