Small Startup TrueBinding Raises $100 Million for Stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease Drug

July 12, 2022

brain image by freestock

The secretive startup TrueBinding announced that it raised $100 million in investments for its experimental antibody drug for Alzheimer’s Disease and stroke. The press release was muted, just over 30 words. TrueBinding has not revealed who the investor is, the third to fund the company since 2019.

According to , “Founded in 2016, the biotech once known as Immutics has been working on Alzheimer’s disease for some time, securing an IND on its lead drug, known as TB006, last October. More recently, the biotech had put out several terse announcements in March and May about its Phase II Alzheimer’s study, enrolling 140 patients and saying that it will have results to announce ‘in a few short months.’”

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(Source: Endpoints News, July 12th, 2022)

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