CRISPR Therapeutics CMO Resigns Following Historic FDA Approval of Gene Therapy Casgevy

December 20, 2023

Six days after CRISPR Therapeutics received a significant FDA approval for its gene therapy Casgevy, developed in partnership with Vertex, the company’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Phuong Khanh Morrow, resigned. Morrow, who joined the company in May 2022, will leave her position on January 26, as recent SEC filings indicate. Her resignation is not due to any disagreement with the company.

CRISPR Therapeutics has already begun looking for a new CMO and remains confident in its experienced leadership team to manage the transition. Before CRISPR Therapeutics, Dr. Morrow worked in various leadership roles at Amgen for over a decade.

This resignation comes shortly after the landmark approval of Casgevy (exa-cel), a potential cure for sickle cell disease, which affects over 100,000 people in the U.S., predominantly in the Black community. Casgevy is notable for being the first medicine utilizing the CRISPR gene-editing system. It is a groundbreaking technology that won its creators the Nobel Prize in 2020 and offers hope for curing previously untreatable diseases.

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[Source: Fierce Biotech, December 20th, 2023]

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