Seagen and Nurix Partner to Develop New Cancer Therapy, Deal Could Reach $3.4 Billion

September 7, 2023

Seattle-based biotech Seagen will partner with Nurix to develop degrader-antibody conjugates (DACs), a new type of cancer therapy. Seagen is paying $60 million upfront, and the deal could total up to $3.4 billion, including milestone payments. DACs deliver a molecule to cancer cells that mark specific proteins for disposal, which can trigger the cell’s death. Some believe this approach could work more efficiently and safely than existing treatments, which tend to release some toxins into the body before reaching their target. Under the agreement, Nurix will provide targets, and Seagen will handle the antibody conjugation and development. The collaboration will last multiple years and cover numerous marks.

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[Source: Endpoints News, September 7th, 2023]

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