Rising Biotech Stocks: Key Players to Monitor

August 14, 2023

10 Things You Need to Know:

  1. Biotech stocks continue to prosper long-term despite periodic fluctuations.
  2. In 2020, prominent biotech companies Pfizer and its partner BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson took the lead in launching COVID-19 vaccines.
  3. Investor’s Business Daily’s biotech industry group currently ranks among the top 1% of all industry groups in increments of 12-month performance.
  4. Companies are combating potential changes to Medicare’s drug pricing system.
  5. Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, currently holding the top spot, specializes in injectable drugs and has seen significant financial growth.
  6. Expectations for Amphastar’s buyout by Amgen are dulled by Federal Trade Commission concerns around a potential monopoly for two essential drugs.
  7. Acadia Pharmaceuticals has made strides with FDA approval for a Rett syndrome treatment and drugs aimed at hallucinations and delusions associated with Parkinson’s disease.
  8. Enliven Therapeutics, on the rise since its public debut in 2020, focuses on treatments for various forms of cancer.
  9. Halozyme Therapeutics has a strong standing in drug delivery technology and has reported above-expected sales.
  10. While the Biotech industry has strong performance overall, it’s important to keep an eye on a company’s individual performance and financial metrics.

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[Source: Investors Business Daily, August 11th, 2023]

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