Debating the Value and Cost of AI Mammogram Analysis in Breast Cancer Detection

January 10, 2024

Radiology clinics offer artificial intelligence (AI) analysis of mammograms for $40, but insurance doesn’t cover it. AI software aids radiologists in detecting breast cancer from mammograms by identifying patterns and abnormalities, potentially improving early diagnosis. While studies suggest better detection rates, some radiologists believe more research is needed before routine AI use in clinical practice. RadNet, a clinic network, introduced AI mammography in some states, reporting performance improvements with AI. Still, questions linger about the cost-benefit for patients. The FDA authorized AI products for mammogram cancer detection, but billing codes are lacking. Some critics argue that charging for AI analysis may lead to inequality, while others await more diverse testing and conclusive evidence of AI’s benefits.

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[Source: KFF News, January 10th, 2023]

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