Researchers Uncover Major Variations in Cancer Treatment Costs

January 23, 2020

In a recent study published in JAMA Oncology, researchers found the costs for cancer treatments and procedures were all over the board.

According to a Managed Care report, researchers analyzed data provided by 63 National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers. They found, in one instance, that the cost for a 28-fraction course of prostate irradiation treatment ranged between $18,368 and $399,056.

“Providing cost data that is easy to understand and consistent from one hospital to the next is an important step in helping people to make informed decisions about their care and the associated costs,” UNC School of Medicine’s Ankit Agarwal, the paper’s first author, said. “This information also may lead to a more competitive health care marketplace, which could drive down costs if hospitals compete for patients.”

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