Potential and Challenges of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

August 8, 2023

Blockchain, a distributed ledger technology known for supporting cryptocurrencies, has garnered interest in the healthcare sector due to its ability to securely and transparently share data. Its use in healthcare includes improving health information exchange, managing medical records, and tracking disease outbreaks. Blockchain uses cryptographic security and consists of different types of networks (public, private, permissioned, consortium), each with varying access control. Although it provides more protection than traditional data-sharing systems, it has vulnerabilities and legal challenges. Implementing blockchain in healthcare involves hurdles such as regulatory compliance, technological issues, and overestimating its abilities. Therefore, it’s necessary to assess its applicability to regulatory alignment and promote incremental adoption along with proper training for successful integration in healthcare.

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[Source: HealthITAnalytics, August 7th, 2023] 

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