Airdate: Monday, January 8, 2024  Season: 3  Episode: 1

Guests: Phil McEwan, Jeff Anderson

Sponsor: HEOR Ltd.

HEOR Ltd. have been working on an exciting new framework called Total System Value™. This episode of tHEORetically speaking features their CEO Phil McEwan and CGO Jeff Anderson to talk to us about this dynamic approach to value demonstration.

Total System Value™ (TSV)™ is a new, dynamic framework designed to assess the value of adopting a new technology or policy initiative at a population level. It demonstrates how various parts of the healthcare system are impacted. The TSV™ framework is a practical approach that helps the client anticipate downstream challenges but also optimize evidence generation programs and strengthen value messaging at different points in the product’s lifecycle to different audiences, thereby increasing the chances of successful commercial outcomes.

HEOR Ltd. is a company founded on a passion for science and research, renowned for innovation and technical expertise, and built of brilliant minds. Our clients value our flexibility, integrity to scientific principles and best practice, and our ethos of true partnership. 

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