The Future of Diversity in Clinical Trials: Real-World Evidence

Airdate: Sunday, October 29, 2023  Season: 2  Episode: 9

Guests: Alexandrina Balanean, Parisa Asgarisabet, Danielle Gentile

Sponsor: Cardinal Health

This episode of tHEORetically Speaking features real-world evidence experts Alexandrina Balanean, MPH; Parisa Asgarisabet, PhD; and Danielle Gentile, PhD from Cardinal Health discussing the problems caused by lack of diverse representation in clinical trials.

The underrepresentation of disproportionately burdened groups limits information on therapeutic response, safety, and efficacy to a small subset of the population—which tends to be healthier, more well-educated, and financially advantaged. However, recent findings show that real-world evidence (RWE) may be able to help with this underrepresentation. Listen in to learn more about these findings and what it may mean for the future of RWE.

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Associated Webinar: Economic Impact of Representativeness in Clinical Trials: How Real-World Data Can Help

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