NEW! MALCOM e-learning: up-skilling your HEOR and market access teams

June 26, 2023

A new on-demand e-learning platform is now available for HEOR and market access teams. MALCOM (Market Access Learning Compendium) helps teams of all sizes to upskill and keep their finger on the pulse of evolving policy, access, value, and evidence landscapes.

From the international experts in HEOR and market access at PRMA Consulting, part of Fishawack Health, MALCOM captures years of senior consulting experience and insight from leading manufacturers and global payers – to deliver needs-based, relevant, and robust on-demand learning for your teams.

Watch a demo of MALCOM at:

5 ways that MALCOM e-learning can benefit your teams

  1. Training suited to your personal learning style and workload
  2. Short on-demand modules encourage completion and adoption of learning
  3. Gaining relevant and timely learning
  4. Eliminating the need to attend in-person training days
  5. Stronger partnerships with cross-functional stakeholders

“HEOR and Market access teams cannot afford to fall behind on the latest trends, insights, and best practices,” says Alison Lawrence, Senior Director at PRMA Consulting. “MALCOM helps subscribers achieve their value, evidence, and access goals by keeping their fingers on the pulse of rapidly evolving landscapes.”

Up-to-date training that underpins the practical HEOR and market access experience of new starters and existing members of cross-functional teams

10 on-demand modules are available to new subscribers to MALCOM, and more are being added all the time.

  • Overview of market access
  • Introduction to payers and the payer value story
  • Considerations when performing a situation analysis
  • Gathering insights: primary and secondary research
  • The global value dossier
  • The objection handler
  • Introduction to health technology assessment
  • Introduction to health economics
  • Introduction to pharmaceutical pricing
  • Overview of the market access strategy

Overcoming the challenges of remote and hybrid working by leveraging e-learning

“As the trend for remote and hybrid working continues, many organizations are experiencing the challenges of engaging and upskilling their teams,” says Alison. “In-house training can be time consuming, budget heavy, and lead to inconsistent and unpredictable experiences for your learners.

It is not surprising that many business leaders are looking to outsourced e-learning as an agile, cost-effective solution – especially when MALCOM’s subscription plan gives your whole organization access to all the training.

There is also the option to add customized training packages, meaning the learning is 100% relevant to your internal needs and practices.”

Watch a demonstration

MALCOM is available to subscribers now, and you can watch a full demonstration at:

About PRMA Consulting
PRMA Consulting is a specialist consultancy solving some of the most challenging HEOR and market access issues facing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies today. PRMA Consulting is part of Fishawack Health, a purpose-built commercialization partner with access to more than 1,500+ experts in 19 hubs globally.

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